2018 cast: 'For the Record'

Our 2018 cast presented our 29th original production, "For the Record."

Cast Photos: 1

Mary Lou Hobold, Cheryl McCullough, Melrose Sentell, Glenda Sykes-Lohman; Standing: Merl Twigg, Elaine Smith, Jim Mylod, Mary Anne McBride, Charlie Hayes, Fritzie Wagner, Hal Pruitt and Jane Williams

Cast Photos: 2

Kneeling: Chuck Cape, Simeon Oliver, Chris Vermillion and John Yane; Standing: Darrell Sage, Boyce Skelton, John Curnow, Steve Neubeck, Wayne Hickam and Jimmy Bracken

Cast Photos: 3

Seated: Dian Opfer and Ila Tribble; Standing: Joyce Schlock, Robin Parent, Beth Baker, Doris Morgan, Aldora Keller, Susan Taylor and Gloria Bolte

Cast Photos: 4

Front row: Carolyn Boling, Betty Roland, Dottie Morgan and Barbara Strothmann; Back row: Annette Roznowski, Beth Cribbe and Sue Carpenter

Cast Photos: 5

Jane Dyar, Judy Stamey, Florence Reid, Linda Stone, Edna Pitts-Reid, Barb Heintz, Claudia Cannon and Judy Earle

Cast Photos: 6

Seated: DeDe Donnelly, Anita Elrod and Dottie Lee; Standing: Lois Noel-Peden, Jeanne Chisman, Deborah Bracken, Marilyn Eskew and Penny Mayfield

Cast Photos: 7

Seated: Phil Ashley, Nita Gibson, Ted Lekorenos; Standing: Jim McElhannon, Rick Polsdorfer, Don Brewer, Cecil Dyar, Bill Ingram, Bud Moon, Jean Alm, Ron McCullah and Herbert Hicks

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